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Hi everyone! I just wrote an example of a full web application (client and server with build tools etc) that uses an Elm 0.19 client speaking to a Node.js webserver using websockets:

This example is pretty small but demonstrates a bunch of things:

  • A full, small Elm program
  • A way to use ports to expose functionality to an Elm application
  • A webpack setup that bundles javascript and Elm
  • An easy setup for developing a Elm+Javascript client and a Node.js-based server in one project

I’m not an expert in just about anything in this example, so I’m sure there are a lot of ways to improve it. But hopefully it’s good enough to serve as a starting point for others who want to build similar projects.

Feedback welcome!


Interesting. We use with a Node.js back end for one small portion of our application as well, and I have been thinking about how we would port that portion of the front end over from jQuery to Elm, and I came to the same conclusion as you—ports is going to be the way to go.

There’s one thing I would add, however. If you will be receiving more than one type of message (e.g. more than one type of JSON object), then you can make your subscription port take a Json.Encode.Value type rather than a String:

port receiveMessage : (Value -> msg) -> Sub msg

And elsewhere in your code use Json.Decode.oneOf to apply more than one decoder to it. For example, this allows you to use a single port to receive both a Post message and a Reply message (assuming the latter is always nested inside of the former and therefore has a different type in your Elm app).

This approach eliminates the need to litter your Elm app with many similar-but-slightly-different ports / messages to handle all of the incoming websocket message types. The Elm guide does give an example of using a Value in incoming ports, but the concept of a not-yet-decoded JSON value is kind of abstract and might be hard to grok for someone new to Elm.

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