Video Player reinitialization from one page to another

I have a page with a video player in it, a video HTML tag. When I load the page by typing the URL, the video plays fine, but when i go from a different page to the player page (Link cliked Msg), the image won’t come up, i can hear the sound of the video, but the image won’t show.

here is a link with a small demo - Stream

  • How are you triggering the video to play, is it ports maybe?
  • Are there any JS errors in the browser dev tools?
  • Have you checked the Elm debugger to see if there’s anything unexpected?
  • Yes, the video is triggered on button click through a port
  • No errors in dev tools
  • All the Messages in the Elm debuger are as expected

That’s a good sign at least, helps us narrow it down.

My thoughts then is it could be browser related (unlikely, but worth trying another browser) or a bug with your JS code. Maybe it’s holding a reference to another video element? This isn’t by chance available somewhere that others can test it?

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