Error in Elm Guide

Don’t know who to tell, but there is a terrible problem in the Elm Guide.
on the JSON page, getting random cat pics is NO LONGER working!!!
The shape of the json has changed, so the decoder on lines 120-121 needs to change to

gifDecoder =
  field "data" (field "images" (field "original" (field "url" string)))

Please let whoever needs to know, as seeing random cat pics is IMPORTANT.


Looks like it might be a combination of API rate limiting as well as maybe an API change. Not sure which in this case as I’m hitting the rate limit but I did think I saw an API change for a moment. @terezka might be able to help here though.


This will be my top priority of the day, thank you for noticing @MarkFarmiloe and @wolfadex. The cats will be back on track ASAP!


Gifs are back again! I don’t have the right permissions to edit the guide right now, but I’ll fix that soon :slight_smile:


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