Welcome to Elm: A free course for folks new to Elm!

Hey everyone! :wave:

I wanted to share an exciting announcement I made on Twitter today:

I’m releasing a free YouTube course called “Welcome to Elm!” for folks coming from HTML/CSS/JS!

Video announcement:

Here’s a video post of me sharing the news:

What’s covered in the course:

The course has 8 sections and 40 videos total. Here are the topics covered in the course.

  1. Values & Functions
  2. Types & Modules
  3. Data Structures
  4. HTML
  5. User Interaction
  6. Working with JS
  7. Architecture & Project Structure
  8. Testing, Tooling, & Other Resources

First video is out now!

The first video was just released, and new ones will drop every weekday at 8am CT until all 40 course videos have been released!

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Haskell