New Elm class with Elm UI, elm-review, Elm Charts and others

I’ve just created a new class for increasing more Elm adoption, please help to share it with your friends that want to learn new better ways to create nice web sites using Elm →


Thanks for sharing your course, specially through Slack! The Painting Charts section looks interesting to me, since not so many courses pay attention to the subject.

Is it a beginner or intermediate course?

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Thanks to you for your kind words !!

The course has mixed content for beginners and advance users, it starts slow with setup and some basic pages but then accelerates with full SPA projects and production deployment with additional things like elm-review, elm-test and others.

The part about elm-charts is rather only an overview of what the whole Elm ecosystem can do with additional dependencies that is also something important.

I hope you all find it useful !!


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