What good libraries are for maps handling

I need to develop a realtime tracker for vehicles that need to be displayed on a map and listen the locations from a websocket. What are the best Elm libraries for this?

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At the moment, there’s not too much native Elm out there in this field.

gampleman/elm-mapbox is a good wrapper for mapbox, which may suit your specific scenario.

Most other map focused packages have not been updated to 0.19. kennib/elm-maps, neilgall/elm-openstreetmap, trifectalabs/elm-maps etc.

There have been a few talks I’ve seen recently that have spoken about people working on things in this domain, but nothing has been released just yet and I can’t remember exactly who the authors were sorry. Having a good package for interacting with OSM tiles would certainly be one I’d be interested in myself!

Edit: How to integrate google maps.

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I have a similar application where I use @klaftertief’s https://github.com/klaftertief/slippery-slope/. He presented it at elm-conf 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWIiXbn1FXU. It’s not published to the package repository, so I use elm-github-install to include it in my project.

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