Why we chose Elm for Humio’s web UI

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We talked with a colleague of mine about why we (he) chose Elm at our company, and why we’re so happy with it after so many years. Hope you enjoy!



Hi, I get a blank screen on iOS 14.4.2 …
Some icons flash shortly on loading and then the white screen …

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Really nice article! I wonder whether you and Dillon could devote a podcast to reusable components (re your mention of this in the article.)


@eimfach Oh! I also found this error in my iPhone. Is any body have the solution of this. Please share with me. :sleepy:

Working on a web-app using only elm in the frontend in a team of more than 4 developers with more than 100000 lines of elm, I can totally feel you.
I learned my frontend skills with elm. To me, JS/frontend wasn’t really appealing. Without elm, I would have certainly been still just a backend developer.

When I came into the company I’m working in (through the elm slack #job channel ;), doing some refacto was extremely easy and as you said, I could easily understand the patterns. Most refactoring job is stressing and not fun at all, but with elm, it’s indeed really satisfying and safe!

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