Would Parse Expressions be useful to the Elm Community?

I’ve found Parse Expressions as used in the Rebol and Red programming languages to be extremely useful in my daily programming tasks.

Since I’ve added Elm to my repertoire of tools I’ve begun to wonder if the Elm userbase might find Parse Expressions to be more useful than standard Regular Expressions.

If so, let me know. I might take a shot at adding this feature to the Elm toolset.

For those who are wondering, you can find a rather thorough explanation of Parse Expressions at Rebol Parse Expressions

If there is no interest in this idea, then I’ll leave it in the dust bin. :blush:

I skimmed through the docs at the link you posted - perhaps without fully understanding everything. But it does look like all of the capabilities - any, skip, literal, char, recursion, datatypes and so on are covered by the Elm parser API. Have you taken a look at elm-parser yet?

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