Writing an Elm UI Framework — Part 1 and 2 published

I promised a long time ago to publish a series of blog posts about my experiences of writing a UI Framework in Elm (Not with Elm UI). So far I have published the first 2 parts and part 3 to 7 is in the making.

I would love some feedback and hear about your own experience if you’ve built a similar project.

Part 1 — Introduction
Part 2 — Colors

The upcoming parts are:

Part 3 - The builder pattern / WithStar pattern
Part 4 - Icons
Part 5 - Dropdowns, outerclick and local state
Part 6 - Advanced “components” with configs and internal models
Part 7 - Conclusions, gotchas and next steps

There, now It’s public, I have to write them, no more procrastination.


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