Yet another package update checker

Still very WIP but serviceable for my own needs. This one is designed to upload elm-package.json files and then track them in localstorage so that I can see which of my several packages has all of their dependencies ported, and are thus eligible for updating to 0.19.


Typical usage is to use the Choose File button to upload an elm-package.json. Dependency packages are linked to their latest documentation (this is especially useful for the now unlisted unported packages) You may also specify the url of an elm-package.json. There is a url parameter designed to allow pointing others at the current compatibility status example

Still needs a lot of style and UX work, and I’d like to provide additional reference links where it is easy to do so.


This is really nice. Is the source code public? Can it deal with packages that were renamed?

Yeah, but just I just noticed that I was too caught up in working around the loss of in-body svg icons to change the github link. It’s at

Just noticed that I lost the second question. I have the list of renamed packages from the update notes, and elm-lang to elm. The renaming is baked into the code.

You may want to have a look at to complete a bit the collection if you only took into account the update notes.

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Great work :heart: . I have created something similar, see
Although your version has file loader, with mine you have to copy/paste the content of elm-package.json which is kind of lame :smiley:

I saw you were taking search.json from some S3. Is this your file or some one? I solved this by asking through the CORS proxy every time. It is time consuming, however I do get the fresh list of 0.19 packages :wink:

Yours was why I said “Yet Another” :stuck_out_tongue:

My search is a CORS proxy as well. Amazon API Gateway makes them relatively easy to set up. (I also added ?local=true so I could use a cached file when offline or to reduce hits to the main site while developing)

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