Check your application's dependencies for 0.19 upgrade

With 0.19 upgrade frenzy in progress it is quite hard to keep track of upgrade state of all packages your application depends upon. Therefor I have created this small app that will parse your dependencies from your old elm-package.json and compare them with currently available packages from that are on 0.19.

I added links to github and packages so you can check progress of upgrade of packages or create PR by yourself. First draft of app can be found here:

Issues, PRs and requests are welcomed:

Upcoming work: Better error messages, some more sophisticated or semi-automatic getter of search.json with 0.19 packages, styling


There was a problem with rendering reported to me. Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce it. Can you try to paste your own elm-package.json and see if the list keeps rendering infinitely please?

And let me know if it does or doesn’t work for you. Thanks :wink:

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