A new release and renaming Style Elements to Elm UI


I actually put off my Elm exploration until this was out. Can’t wait to dive back in. Thanks for your hard work!


Can people recommend resources for understanding how the DOM works and also the interaction with Elm as a basis for learning Elm UI?

I found this very nice article which goes into some aspects of DOM-Elm interaction:


Yeah, it looks like learning when to use CSS and when to use JS for animation is a significant skill in web animation. However, it looks like the Web Animation API is dedicated to removing this requirement and allowing very performant animation via pure JavaScript. Here is a quote from the Mozilla Docs on using this new API standard:

The Web Animations API opens the browser’s animation engine to developers and manipulation by JavaScript. This API was designed to underlie implementations of both CSS Animations and CSS Transitions, and leaves the door open to future animation effects. It is one of the most performant ways to animate on the Web, where supported, letting the browser make its own internal optimizations without hacks, coercion, or Window.requestAnimationFrame().

With the Web Animations API, we can move interactive animations from stylesheets to JavaScript, separating presentation from behavior. We no longer need to rely on DOM-heavy techniques such as writing CSS properties and scoping classes onto elements to control playback direction. And unlike pure, declarative CSS, JavaScript also lets us dynamically set values from properties to durations. For building custom animation libraries and creating interactive animations, the Web Animations API might be the perfect tool for the job. Let’s see what it can do!

@mdgriffith, will you be focusing on using the Web Animation API standard where possible?


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