Upgrading to elm-ui

Hi there, I’m currently using elm-style-elements, and having recenlty upgraded to elm 0.19 it seems like I should probably upgrade to elm-ui as well.

Does anyone know of any documentation for doing this, or have any useful experience to share?

Thanks, Cedd

I did this last year. I don’t remember much except many things changed for the better. I remember the most helpful thing at the time was hanging around in the elm-ui channel on slack. Some useful info got accumulated there also: https://github.com/mdgriffith/elm-ui/blob/master/notes/CHANGES-FROM-STYLE-ELEMENTS.md


Thanks Matt. It looks like I can have both elm-ui and elm-style-elements in my code at once, which should mean that I can migrate one page / bit at a time, which should make things easier as well.


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