A new riddle/puzzle-adventure implemented with elm-land

Back in 2004 I spent way too many hours playting an internet riddle called Notpron.

Now that I had some extra time on my hands, decided to make my own. Go check it out at https://spa-game.netlify.app/

It’s only 5 levels for starters, but if the feedback is good, maybe I’ll crank out more :slight_smile:

It’s implemented with Elm, elm-land, Tailwind and daisyUI.

Edit: :warning: No mobile support, sorry :warning:


That was pretty fun! I like the use of genai for games like this, really nice!

This reminded me of the presentation “Building an Interactive Storytelling Framework in Elm” by Jeff Schomay which you might be interested in. There have been a few games made with his narrative engine, though maybe it’s more narrative focused than puzzle focused.

Nice to hear!

Yeah the genai while isn’t competition for real artists, make possible things that would otherwise be impossible or very hard. I once before started to write this kind of game, but it died for the difficulty to take lots of photos with nice mood :sweat_smile:. The pictures are after all the thing that creates the mood. Well I guess sound could also be a good for that, but that’s pretty hard also.

Yeah, the story is pretty thin in this one and very linear, so maybe there’s no need for a framework. Nice to know though that such a thing exists :pray:

Added 5 new levels, so now 10 levels available :chart_with_upwards_trend:


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