Algum Brasileiro prstativo?


Algum prestativo ser para me ajudar com algumas dúvidas e encaminhar um novato em Elm ?

Desde já gradeço


Добрый день. К сожалению ничего не понятно.


Hello @Megatomix!

Most people around here speak English, if you know English it would be great to use that.

I think this is a rough translation of your question:

Is there anyone that I can ask some beginner Elm questions?

If that is accurate, then my response is: absolutely, feel free to ask any beginner questions and we’ll do our best to answer them!


In the Elm Slack there is a Portuguese speaking channel #brazil.

No Slack de Elm pode encontrar o canal #brazil onde o povo fala português.

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Oi. Como posso ajudá-lo?