ANN: Elm Bootstrap 4.0.0

Twitter Bootstrap 4.0 release was out a little while back. Finally elm-bootstrap follows suit with a befitting release version of 4.0.0

A quick highlight of the changes:

  • Updated from working with TWBS 4.0 alpha 6 to the TWBS 4.0 release version (some nice additions, but it also caused some breaking changes to API).
  • Alerts can now be dismissed
  • Added a bunch of utilities modules to wrap the wast amount of util classes in TWBS
  • More features/config options around the board, notably dropdowns, tables and accordions got some nice additions.
  • Check out the release notes for more details

I’d love to have more contributions if people find it useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the elm-bootstrap channel on Slack (mrundberget).



Thank you for your works :slight_smile: