Practical Elm book updated to Elm 0.19

I’ve published the Elm 0.19 update of my book, Practical Elm for a Busy Developer. This update is also based on the latest versions of elm-ui and elm-test packages.

My goal was to write an intermediate level Elm book with a focus on practical topics:

  • A discussion of options for creating UIs and styling

  • Approaches and tools for preventing and finding bugs

  • JSON parsing (the most commonly reported problem Elm newcomers face)

  • Making server requests and working with commands

  • JS interop and ports

  • A discussion of code organisation as your application grows

  • An example of integrating a rich editor with the help of custom elements

  • A detailed introduction to elm-ui, a UI package that liberates you from HTML and CSS

  • A discussion of integrating Elm into a JS application

  • An in-depth look at language features such as pattern matching

  • Tools for being more productive when writing Elm code.

I’ve been working on the book for most of 2018, so I’m glad it’s finally done! I hope people find it helpful.


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