Authoring Webcomponents in Elm

I’ve seen the examples of how to use web-components from Elm, but are there any guides on authoring web-components in Elm? I’m just starting to grasp this so excuse me if this is a totally stupid question, but I’ve seen things like lit-element out there and I’m wondering if its possible to write-webcomponents/custom elements in Elm that are meant to be produced by applications which might be written in React, Angular, Vue, or no framework at all?

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Could this help?


This looks like a good starting point. Thanks.

Had a go at this but it was a while back so on Elm 0.18. I also tried to build on top of Polymer web-components, which may not have been the best way to do it. In the end I decided it was a lot of hassle for unclear gains - but you might find otherwise.

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