Create custom element in elm for the outside world (like js, Angular, Vue, Svelte and React)

Hello World.
I want to create webcomponents in Elm and pass them to other applications.
I want interaction with inputs and outputs for the generated elm code.
I want to create parts and integrate them to “Storybook” (for single parts components with triggering input and properties).

Maybe i can convince someone with this to make more elm apps.
(I will be showing this to a person).

Any documentation about this?

Did you try custom elements section on Elm’s guide? There’s also a good documentation about using custom elements on MDN.

Hello novid.
I want to use elm to a framework, but not the opposite.
As i see custom elements are made in JS, right?
I want to export elm code to those frameworks.
Am i getting something wrong?.

I want to make an example with those frameworks to convince people to try elm.

There is a couple of examples and packages to do that.
Example: GitHub - thread/elm-web-components: A small JavaScript package to let you wrap your Elm applications up in a web component.

I tried that, but it needs to downgrade node. There is no commit from 2021.
Is it still maintained?

Atlewee was right.
I made it work by updating all deps from the example.
I will try some frameworks now (from elm to them). Any help appreciated.

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