Azimutt - Explore your database, thanks to Elm ^^

add a dashed underline on joined tables with a tooltip, so you are notified there is something special and the text appear immediately, not after a few seconds

Yeah, having the tooltip appearing immediately on hover would be really helpful. Because I did hover the line but I didn’t stay long enough on the element and the tooltip didn’t showed up (that means you’d need to track this hover state on the elm side and displaying it with a position: relative property or so).

Another way would be having a > chevron on the left of the line which turns into a v when we click on the line and would “expand” the path vertically.

Also easy improvement with this is to use → and ← UTF 8 arrow, whic looks way nicer than -> :slight_smile: .

have a default list of fields to ignore (created_by, updated_by, deleted_by and their variants)

I don’t get it, do you want adding a list of ignored fields for all the schema being loaded? What about the schema is written in French (au fait, salut depuis Paris!)? Or use different convention like creator instead of created_by?

About global layout, I’d move the search modal on the left menu (you could have two tabs: “Tables”/“Search”). This way, we can still see all the tables and parametrize the search accordingly to what we see. (Generally speaking, I tend to avoid modals since they break the “flow” and hide data; e.g. what if there is a long and complicated field I’d want to ignore in the search and I want copy paste it from the table? I’d need to close the modal, copy the field, reopen the modal and paste it).

Last thing: are you aware the “deepth limitation” in the doesn’t work (I know, this is experimental feature, but I prefer to warn you)?

Thanks for your suggestions, I did some improvements:

  • tooltip is now appearing immediately with a dotted underline indicator
  • replaced -> by :+1:
  • added option to expand a result and show the needed joins (hope it will helps)
  • added some messages to remind of settings :wink:

Regarding the search itself, prefilled ignored fields will only be the default value (to catch common cases), but anyone can change it depending on their needs (no way I can guess what is relevant or not ^^).
About the path length, it’s limited to 3 by default but you can change this in the settings (at the beginning of the modal)
I agree modals are not a very good UI, they were the easy way to get my features out and have feedback, now I take more time to improve them :wink:

Would be happy to have your feedback on my (small) improvements :smiley:

PS: for the tooltip I currently use Bootstrap so they are not related to my Elm model, but I’m transitioning to Tailwind with a goal to have them (among other things) in my model. Do you have an idea how to do that? Send a message with an id to know what is hovered ? (I do that for columns but I’m not sure it’s very efficient)

Yes. A common use case is that we have some vendor database(s) that we are trying to make sense of and build a knowledge base for over time. We want to build a model of how tables relate to each other, and to annotate the meaning of certain fields, etc. It would inform new queries and views that we would create.

I see your app as potentially being the tool that we could do that with. Especially if it had collaboration and code-gen features at some point in the future.

Hope that helps illustrate the use case.

I totally get your point, thanks!

I didn’t thought of the “understanding vendor database” use case and it’s a great one :+1:

About collaboration and code-gen, this is planned. But clearly not in the near future as I’m looking to expand the primary use case which is exploring and understanding a schema (except if I had a lot of requests for this, I could adapt the roadmap ^^)

Yeah, that’s way better ! Nitpicking: the tooltip sometime wrap and takes 2 lines, would be great having some white-space: nowrap; in the tool tip.

About the path length, it’s limited to 3 by default but you can change this in the settings (at the beginning of the modal)

Thing is I have really long path, greater than 3, e.g.:

About the tooltip, actually, there might be a way displaying it only using :hover pseudo property (the same for the highlight of your columns). Though, doing so will force you rendering all the tooltips in the DOM which can result in a big node number, which might result in performance bottleneck. Otherwise, what you describe would be the way I’d go.

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@opsb Hi, I updated the landing page with you words, feel free to ask for any change if you want to.

@bogdan-k I plan to add manual relations this week, I hope you will like them :wink:
For annotating tables, columns and relations, I will be for next week if everything goes weel :timer_clock:

Last week I also added a group selection feature, so now you can select a few tables (ctrl+click or area selection) and move them all together or zoom on them :tada:


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