Become an Elm Warrior

I’ve spent the last couple of months making a game where you implement the decision making of a warrior in Elm. Meant to be used for workshops and stuff, or to just have fun.

I’m calling it Elm Warrior and yes, it’s inspired by warrior-js.

Take a look:


This has potential to be something great.

But similarly to the way warrior-js works, I expected some ellies to get right into it.
I see that you have some levels ready to use. But just from the Readme and quick look at your documentation, I’m not sure I could set up these ellies myself.

The readme has a link to a project you can clone. It has everything setup and you just need to edit one file to get going. It was made specifically to avoid setup :slight_smile:

Here an Ellie containing the project you’r talking about.

More over, it seems that I can walk through walls:

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I’ve just released 4.0.3 which fixes the walk through walls problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve added the Ellie link to the readme as well, but Ellie doesn’t find the latest version of elm warrior which contains the above bug fix. I’ll make sure to update the Ellie link at a later time.

This looks fun! Is there a way to publish the warriors somewhere so that people can challenge eachother’s warriors?

That’s a really good idea!

I’m a way to busy this week. But I’ll try to set something up next week :slight_smile:

One idea is to publish warriors as packages prefixed with elm-warrior-. This is what elm-review does for code review rules people create. Maybe for something like this that could get too spammy though.

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