Can someone re-enable my Slack please?

Hi all,

as you know I had to give up my Elm dream cause nobody would give a 50yo junior w/o js experience a chance. At the time I left Slack and pretty much the community to focus on sound design. That didn’t pan out, and today I’m learning Swift to find a job. But I digress.

Today, as I still love Elm af, I wanted to check out what’s going on. However, Slack tells me my account on the workspace is disabled and to contact an admin. My apologies for posting here, but I could not find an email or another way.

I would appreciate if someone could help me or point me to the right person.

Please and thank you


Hey @igghibu, I’ve reactivated your account.
Thanks to @wolfadex for making me aware of this post!

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thank you @Janiczek and @wolfadex <3

“Speak & Spell”, nice memories :love_you_gesture:

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