Centralised list of past presentations

I don’t suppose anyone is maintaining a historical list of Elm-related conferences and one-off presentations?

For those of us that aren’t fully plugged in to the community, I think we are probably missing some really good videos due to simply not knowing that they exist.

It’s probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but I put together a list of resources I found helpful when learning Elm for the meetup I run. It’s not comprehensive in any way, but it does include a decent number of talks. It might at least serve as a jumping off point for finding more.

I’ve been meaning to clean it up a bit and publish it somewhere more visible, but haven’t been able to find the time yet.

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There have been three conferences so far! Here are the videos:


Thank you folks. Looks like my FOMO was a bit off the mark!

I remembered this page being a valuable thing in the early-mid days of Clojure: http://alexott.net/en/clojure/video.html

Somewhat related, I try to collect links to blog posts here:


It’s in no way organized like Matt’s list, or exhaustive, but I keep a youtube playlist of elm talks that made my days.

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