Clear instructions for package installation and usage

I’d like to suggest an improvement to the package documentation - provide a verbatim command for installation.
After onboarding some developers to Elm, this is a regular source of some confusion.
For instance, say a developer finds the Array.Extra then I think it would be very beginner friendly if there were some simple instructions:

Install from a terminal with:
elm-package install elm-community/array-extra
Use in a file with:
import Array.Extra

I found the lack of this to be a source of inconvenience when I started with Elm as well.
I think it is right up there with the simple access to the git clone command from github.

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I’ve found that there is already an issue for this at

And for future reference, this is a planned feature, ref. my question about this on slack and the following response

Do you have more discussion you want to have on this topic, or is it okay if we close it?

Feel free to close it!