Creating presentations in Elm

I’ve been looking to update a few of my tech talk slides. I’ve discovered dive by way of elm-presentation which seems pretty interesting and fun to work with.

I’ve made a start moving things to Elm 0.19.1, however I’m wondering if there are any newer (already 0.19) tools that people would recommend before I dive in (pun intended) and migrate the package to 0.19


I’ve created GitHub - w0rm/elm-slice-show: A simple presentation engine in Elm and have been using for all my presentations. It’s a very simple presentation engine that lets you add slides and add content to the slides. A content block can be a mini interactive Elm app.

For example: Main
Source code: at main · w0rm/ · GitHub

There are no formatting primitives, I usually copy paste and modify them from one presentation to another. You can probably figure out how to check the other presentations as that repository is deployed with gh-pages.


I don’t know about packages, but for tooling Home | elm-watch has been incredible to work with. We just moved over to it at work a couple months ago and it’s loved by everyone.

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Just realised the question was about upgrading dive, rather than about a solution for creating presentations in Elm :smile:

I believe that’s the purpose of dive :smiley:

I’ve also found elm-slides which seems at first glance to be less powerful but more recent. If anyone has any experience with such packages I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Oh, in this case I un-deleted my first message! Maybe you find it useful.

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Thanks for all the tips folks. I’ve made a start moving things over to Elm. This gives me a few benefits:

  • Shared slides across presentations are easy
  • Theming can be shared easily (I’m sure I could learn how to make a google slides theme, but still)
  • Programmatic slides are now possible throughout a slide deck
  • Everything is now in source control :tada:
  • It just feels nicer to work with

I’m still going to have a look at upgrading dive, I’m quite fond of the Prezi style animations in the example, but this has already left me in a much better place so thanks for your help!


The topic got off tracked. Hence I created a new topic to get the required answer Custom package installation from github Please comment the process if you already know how to get it done.

I’m not sure the topic got off track, the original question was “if there are any newer (already 0.19) tools that people would recommend”, I feel like that was fairly well answered here.

I’ve made a small start on making dive functional in Elm 0.19, but it needs a fair bit of work. From the linked thread it seems like maybe elm-dive-svg is a better/simpler migration to do.

If you do want to look at updating the dive package and re-publishing it in Elm 0.19 though, that would be fantastic :smile: I’m definitely not a front-end engineer so I expect it would take me a while to get everything working.

You can’t use 0.18 elm packages with Elm 0.19 though which is likely the problem you are encountering in elm install.

I prefered elm-dive-svg, I’ve used it quite a few times to make presentations. I forked it but never done the upgrade to 0.19.