Elm 0.19 / elm-test and MS VS Code set-up

I’m using MS VS Code for an 0.19 elm app.
I’ve gotten elm-format running on each file save following instructions

I can’t figure out how to run elm-test from MSVC. Are my elm tests to appear under the Testing part of VS Code? Is there some configuration I’ve missed in the instructions?



I’m not sure if there is an plug in for the tests in VS code yet (I’ve not seen it).

Personally I’m just running them from the console/terminal-window.


Elm tooling page lists “Test explorer integration” but I haven’t worked out how to access this.

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yes you are right - it should work (although there seems to be some minor problems with generated tests).

Guess I should check this out :wink:

But honestly: As there is no (classical) debugger support I don’t really need the test-explorer (I don’t use this vs.code feature with other languages either) - I’m happy with the console-test runner.

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You will need elm-test installed to run the tests.

You should have a testing thing on the left or F1 > View:Show Testing. That’s the view that should pick up your tests, if they are in their own folder.

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thanks @razze
I have elm-test installed and it runs successfully from the command line
But nothing is listed in MSVC’s Testing pane. Clicking the Refresh button in the pane’s toolbar doesn’t display any of my tests either.

So your tests are in their own folder called tests and have Tests in the filename?

I would recommend to test with GitHub - rtfeldman/elm-spa-example: A Single Page Application written in Elm for e.g.

headline: MSVC doesn’t list tests for A Single Page Application either.
Time to try a reinstall of Code

thanks for your suggestion, Kolja

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