Elm-language-server 2.2.0 and elm-language-client 2.2.0

Here we go again, with some new releases. This time around we do have some exclusive features for vscode!

@Frank_Wagner basically brought over the code from vscode-elm-test-runner and rewrote most of it. So that you can now use the test explorer UI with elm :tada:
Be aware, that the listing before you actually run tests is only a helpful approximation.


Then we had @unsoundscapes implement basic elm-review handling. So we can display elm-review diagnostics and offer you the fixes. However, it defaults to off at the moment, as runtimes are very unpredictable, based on your config/codebase. You also need to have elm-review installed.


The latest changes to the parser should also improve stability


  • Add test-runner UI

  • Add basic elm-review integration, showing diagnostics and offer fixes (off by default, find it in the settings)

  • Start extension, if an elm.json is found, not on entering an elm file

  • Fix commands not being unique per workspace

  • Updated language server

    • Add code action to create function in another module
    • Add completions for anonymous function params
    • Change default for singleFieldRecord rule to be false
    • Rework how we find test folders - will be only in tests for now
    • Reword remove all unused code action
    • Improve performance of files with a lot of possible imports
    • Prefer “Add Type Annotation” code action, followed by “Expose function” code action
    • Fix type alias wrongly being shown as unused
    • Fix duplicate completions for type aliases and constructors
    • Fix wrong reference of Union constructor to import with the same name
    • Fix unused_pattern for empty constructs
    • Update parser
    • Update dependencies

The work this time around was done by these fine people:
@unsoundscapes @Frank_Wagner @rupert @jmbockhorst @razze


You can sponsor Jon, Andrey or me. We now also have an Open Collective.

Open Collective





Yet more amazing work from the Elm LS team! Congratulations on the new release!

Playing with the pre-release version has pushed me over the line to start using both elm-test and elm-review in my main project - having tooling available directly in the editor makes such a massive difference!

Thanks for all that you and other tooling authors are doing to move the Elm community forwards!


Congrats on the great release, folks. I love the test explorer feature.

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Awesome :partying_face: Thank you for all the great work!

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How does one disable the info diagnostic “missing type declarations”

This one thing that has always stopped me from use elm in vs code.

When writing code I don’t want to immediately specify the type of the top level declarations.

It also makes traversing to actual errors difficult. Since there is no way to navigate to next error without running into all info/warn diagnostic in between.

I am really excited to checkout all the cool features. Especially the refactorings.

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