Elm-test --watch on a package when using vs code causes problems


I’m using VS Code to write a package in elm. I want to have my tests running as I go, using elm-test --watch. This works fine when I’m writing an application. It also works fine if I edit the source code in a dumb editor (i.e. one with no awareness of Elm).

However if I use VS Code with vscode-elm enabled, after saving a file, the elm-test --watch process errors with something about missing indirect dependencies (which is not applicable to a package, right?)

I’ve found that I can repro the problem without using VS Code. The core issue is running elm-test make while elm-test --watch is rerunning the tests. There’s a minimal repro repo here which doesn’t require VS Code: https://github.com/n3dst4/elm-parp

There’s a bug on vscode-elm here which I’ve commented on: https://github.com/Krzysztof-Cieslak/vscode-elm/issues/292

But my question is, who does this really sit with? I’m happy to investigate and help more but is this something that should be fixed in elm-test, node-test-runner, or vscode-elm?


I’d say node-test-runner - at least that’s where further investigation would make sense to me, given it can be reproduced with elm-test and elm alone.


Seconding – the node runner should check running processes and not write over compilation in progress.

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