Elm Catalog: 1000+ packages, and search

At last, my Elm Catalog has crossed the one thousand package mark! There are now
1053 Elm 0.19.x packages listed across different categories.

This is actually fewer than the total number of published Elm 0.19 packages (~1200), and that’s
because I exclude packages which are not of interest to most people, such as
narrow-purpose forks, experiments, deprecated packages, company-specific packages and so on.
I try to only keep more generally useful packages in the categories, but you can still
find the rest in the Excluded category.

Additionally, I finally got the time to implement an often requested feature: search.
On the search tab, you can look for both packages and tools (it searches name and description fields).

This should make it easier to check whether a package or tool is
listed, or to find all packages by a particular author, or to find other packages
which are similar to the one you already know about.

Lastly, I’ve added a few tools as well, so there are now 88 tools in the catalog.


Fixed the link, thanks!

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Amazing! I know there is also an alternative packages website - I don’t have the link for it now - but have you considered merging both initiatives? That would be incredible for the community!

I thought about it briefly but IIRC the other project was more of an experiment in improving the official package site, so the goals are quite different.

What about registering the domain elm-catalog.com or elm-catalog.org?

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