elm-CellAutomata: Create dynamic worlds and generative art

I must admit: I a bit obsessed with celuar automatas, like conway’s Game of Life.
I used the Golly software and dreamed to someday write my own library, so that I can actually use those awesome little machines, for some projects of mine.

Well, here I am, presenting to you: Orasund/elm-cellautomata

The package is implemented in three layers:

  • The LifeLike module has everything predefined, such that one can start writing one’s own Game of Life - Variant without a lot of knowlege, behind automatas.
  • The main module is using a 2D-grid. It is very feature rich and can even allow advanced pattern matching rules using equvialence classes and symmetries.
  • The lowest is the pure mathematical definition. This module is not published but can be found in the repository.

I am expecting most people to use the LifeLike module and that they never dig deaper into this package and thats fine for me. :relaxed:


This is brilliant! It’s not something I have a use for right now, but maybe in the near future. Thanks for your work


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