Generating The Witness-esque maze panels in Elm

I wrote a long and detailed post about generating random mazes (similar to the ones seen in The Witness) using Elm. It features some Elm-powered SVG animations that illustrate the algorithm. If you’re curious about generative art, graph algorithms, and advanced use of randomness in Elm, you might find it an interesting read. I’m glad to answer any questions here. Thank you for your attention!

You can also play the resulting “escape the maze” game or check out the source on GitHub.


The game link seems to be down.

I couldn’t see the post link, but I found it in your site


This is perfect timing as I wanted to learn more about maze algorithms. I need a couple of additional things. I need to add a small a circular bump on top of a maze with a little triangle inside to indicate direction and then I need to rotate the whole maze around. I will first try to do it myself, but if I won’t be able to figure out how to do that, I will ask you questions here.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, @joakin! There was a limit to how many links I could use in a post, and I accidentally removed the most important one :sweat_smile:

Really cool, thank you for sharing!

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