Elm coder generator - RELOADED

More than a year ago Dániel Kodaj presented his decoder generator package. I :heart: it. It is such an awesome tool.

Over the recent months I have done some work on it. I made it compatible with elm 0.19, fixed some bugs and created a CLI.

Check it out here:

I hope this really saves you as much time as it saves me. Big ups to Dániel for this!

Feedback is greatly appreciated. What do you think of the API and the code annoation format?

I would like to provide this to more users VSCode for example.
Personally I am not an VSCode user but creating a package for this should not be too hard. Would anybody be interested?


The real question is, if it should be a standalone project then or be rolled into https://github.com/elm-tooling/elm-language-client-vscode or even the language server :slight_smile:

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It can be both, right?

I appreciate having a CLI available, like elm-json, elm-xref and others.

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Sorry, I meant if should be a standalone vscode plugin or be included in the elm-tooling repos

@razze - what are your intuitions?

I’m all for having it combined in all tool, as long as the underlying dependency is maintained.

I haven’t really tried to do something like this in the lsp implementation, in fact I’m not sure if it’s possible.

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