ElmLS 2.3.0 and VSCode Client 2.3.0 are out

2.3.0 is here

We have some nice changes and updates for the elm-language-server and the vscode client!

If you have been using elm-tooling.json for entrypoints only, you can now remove the file from your project. A nice simplification.

We also have added neat code actions, that will hopefully make writing new code a bit faster.


This time, we had contributions from:





  • Add json schema help for elm-analyse.json

  • Removed json schema help for elm-tooling.json, it’s no longer needed

  • Fix problem when being used with VSCode Live Share

  • Updated language server

    • Remove the need for “entrypoints” in elm-tooling.json
    • Add a code action to add function argument from missing declaration
    • Add a code action to add missing union constructors
    • Add annotations from ports to hovers and suggestions
    • “Add type annotation” can now be enabled/disabled via elm-analyse.json and will also honor excluded folders
    • Fix type inference for empty record pattern
    • Fix reporting when elm, elm-test or elm-review were not found
    • Fix clients that don’t provide incremental changes


You can sponsor Jon or me. We now also have an Open Collective.





Both Add new parameter and Create missing Union Constructor is very cool! :rocket:

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Awesome. Now my huge SVG icon file is really ignored and my CPU is happy :grin:


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