Elm Europe talk ideas

Hello everybody,
I wanted to ask if you would like specific subjects covered by the elm Europe conference 2018.elmeurope.org.

Ideas :

  • Webassembly
  • WebGL
  • Business (how to sell elm to boss)
  • More general (FP unfair advantages over concurrents) ?

What I would like to see more content about is integrating Elm with other technologies.

  • Integrating Elm in various build managers.
  • Using Elm in the said build managers in contexts where the ports code is in its own file that might need to be minimized.
  • Integrating multiple instances of Elm into an established webapp.

Building Progressive Webapps (PWAs) with Elm.


Back to the future (3) in Elm?

Playing back history is old school, how about playing forward all future states?

Quantum baby!

GIS in Elm?


Would love to hear more about WebGL. Also SVG and CSS if there are new things to hear about them since the last conference.

Would also love to hear about businesses that have succesfull projects in Elm that have gone live. How did the idea to use Elm come about? How did you get people on board with that? How did the coding in Elm go? Was it harder/easier than you thought? Did you learn a lot and did the way you coded change as you got more familiar with Elm? How has it been supporting this application in production?


I’m interested in data modeling and how tricky domains can be cleanly represented in code. These talks usually end up being my favorites at past elm confs :smiley:

I’m also interested in modeling and handling uncertainty at the edges of a system. Parsing third-party data, dealing with Maybe and Result, validating user input.

I want to learn more about forms. How to model them, handle per-field validations, keep related uncertainty about validity/presence of values out of the main model.

I want to hear about type safety. How can the compiler help me catch more bugs. How can I encode more business requirements into the type system?

To a lesser extent, I want to hear about compile performance. How can I write and structure code such that it compiles quickly?


The subject I am most interested in is about maintaining application state in production:

How do you keep the impact on reaction times low when taking a snapshot of the application state in production? Can I offload the processing work to serialize the state to a concurrent thread?