Elm Europe Talks now available

You can see all of the talks here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-cYi7I913S-VgTSUKWhrUkReM_vMNQxG


Very exciting! Would it be possible for the title of my talk to be changed from “Keynote” to “What is Success?” I think that is more helpful for people coming to it online.

Actually, I looked around at other conferences, and I’d like to propose an alternate naming convention that should make things easier to find and less cluttered:

“Title of Talk” by Presenter

The name of the conference is in the youtube account itself, and the year, playlist link, and abstract can go in the description.

This is what they do at Strange Loop, elm-conf, and React Rally it seems. I think it is much clearer this way, and I think it’ll ultimately be better promotion for Elm Europe because more people will actually understand what the talk is about => more people will see the talk => more people will find out about the event => etc.

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Absolutely. I’ve forwarded to the relevant authorities to change this. If Richard wants to give a more descriptive title to his keynote we can accommodate as well.


The YouTube account, titles, and copy are being handled on the French side but I’ve forwarded this to them.

Just wanted to say that you did a great job on the live stream. The quality really exceeded what I was hoping for.


Thank you.

Title changes occurred early am Paris time, hopefully they are easier to find now.

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