Elm Plugin for Visual Studio Code 0.10.0 and new language server

I just published new versions of the language server and the vscode client. It’s pretty exciting this time, as we got some nice new features which were mostly done by a community member that doesn’t seem to be on discourse.

So here is the changelog:

  • Fix case where type constructor highlighting was wrong

  • Client support for codeLens exposing/unexposing and move function refactoring

  • Updated the language server

    • Add diagnostic on unknown symbols and offer importing via codeAction (needs the file to be save and the compiler to run)
    • Support exposing/unexposing functions and types via codeLense or codeAction
    • Add support for move function refactoring
    • Fix init taking long when using files with thousands of functions
    • Add new snippet for if-else conditions
    • Better completions for record update syntax
    • Added completions for basic keywords like if, then, else, let etc.
    • Improved hovers for types aliases
    • Added jump to definition for fields of records
    • Better handling of invalid renames

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