Elm-review with run-pty

I’m using run-pty to up my development game.

I’d like it to be able to run elm-review --watch (in addition to everything else). I want to provide feedback in the run-pty dashboard. Does anyone have a run-pty.json config for elm-review with the status indicators setup in a way they like?

This is what I have so far and it’s fine but I’d really like to be able to show a status when elm-review is “thinking”

    "command": [
    "title": "Elm review in watch mode",
    "status": {
      "ELM-REVIEW ERROR": ["🚨", "E"],
      "I found no errors!": ["✅", "+"]
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We used to run elm-review in watch mode in run-pty at work, but we removed it since it used too much RAM and the watcher stopped working after a while. Anyway, here’s the config we used:

    "title": "elm-review",
    "command": ["npm", "run", "--silent", "elm-review", "--", "--watch", "--fix"],
    "defaultStatus": ["⏳", "S"],
    "status": {
        "Running": ["⏳", "S"],
        "ERROR": ["🚨", "E"],
        "I found no(?: more)? errors!": ["️✅", "0"]

But it’s been a while since we actually used that, so I’m not sure how well it works.


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