Elm-serverless now available in 0.19

When elm-serverless failed to materialise for 0.19 I assumed it was due to native code restrictions. I missed this package as I have some AWS Lambda functions I wanted to upgrade and continue to work on in 0.19. I checked the source code and found that it only uses ports, it just needed the upgrade work done.

The original work on this was done by @ktonon for Elm 0.18: elm-serverless for Elm 0.18.


And the JavaScript bridge package is available on npm:

Check it out if you want to experiment with an Elm back-end deployed in the cloud.


I am thinking a good demo project for this would be to develop a RealWorld back-end to partner
Richard Feldman’s RealWorld UI in Elm. I took a look at the back-end API spec and it is not huge.


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