Installing Elm 0.18 now - instructions?

I’ve decided minimize future work on my An Outsider’s Guide to Statically Typed Functional Programming because I no longer think static FP will break out soon. (That is, it’s not ready for early mainstream adopters. Which is OK <= he emphasized)

Porting my book examples to 0.19 doesn’t fit within the “minimize work” idea. See, for example, - a port would require too much work that has nothing to do with teaching static FP in general.

Because I’m a fan of book readers doing the exercises, I’d like the book to instruct readers how to install Elm 0.18. After some search, it seems hard. Is there a clear description somewhere of how you build a complete 0.18 environment today?

If you’ve got NPM installed, it should be pretty easy!

npm install --global elm@0.18
npm install elm@0.18

(I’d be happy to explain the difference between global or local installs, but I won’t bother if you’re already well-versed in NPM)

That worked surprisingly well, as did npm install elm-test@0.18. There were some alarming errors, but I think they were mainly due to having stale versions around, which I don’t think would affect readers.

Thank you!

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