Elm slack #jobs graph

I was curious how often job openings for Elm are posted on the #jobs channel in Elm slack. @Janiczek helpfully provided me the message history from the channel and with it I created this graph.

It spans from early 2016 when the channel was created until the end of this September. Note that some job postings are reposted after a while, so the graph values are a bit larger than if it was counting unique jobs (I just did it this way because it was easier). Also I went through all the messages manually so there’s probably some miscounts.

Here’s the repo with the data and code I used to generated it. Thank you @terezka for the handy elm-charts package!


I would just go by the list of active elm companies and multiply by two to estimate how many openings there are at any time, since not every elm company has the time to actively advertise. The main problem currently is that the elm companies list on github is stale and is not getting frequent pruning or updates.

Also, you may want to use a graph of python jobs on hacker news who’s hiring (hnhiring.com) as a general baseline to provide market context.

How would I get historical data though? I mostly created this graph because I was curious if the number of job postings was increasing or decreasing (it looks like it hasn’t changed much with the exception of the last 4 months)

Checkout readme at different commits. But you would need to parse the readme text.

But regardless, that repo is stale

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