Elm Town #53 – Something to do on the side while watching TV

@razze takes us on a deep dive into the internals of the Elm Language Server that powers a growing number of editors’ Elm support, and explains what motivates him to continue to spend more time building tooling for his favourite front end language than he does using the language itself!

episode page

Download MP3 (48.2 MB)


Great episode (as usual)!

@razze In the episode you mention how packages are installed to ~/.elm and being unsure if it’s OK to watch a folder outside the project. I wouldn’t mind at all if the language server did! I already don’t mind Elm (and elm-json, actually) writing files there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the IntelliJ plugin already does things with it, too. It’s not like ~/.elm contains my SSH keys or anything. Just my 2 cents.


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