Elm-Ui Framework

I’ve just published Orasund/elm-ui-framework, a reinterpretation of lucamug/style-framework and a framework to go hand in hand with mdgriffith/elm-ui.

You can find all styles in this showcase website.


Personally I found @lucamug’s framework quite an overkill for the small and quick projects I am making. It didn’t feel like a real addition to elm-ui and more as a stand-alone package using elm-ui.

That’s why I started my own package. When it comes to the actual CSS, I copy and pasted mostly from style-framework and some parts from bluma.io.

The result is a very nice package to use: small, easy to combine with other packages and very minimalistic. It’s not perfect but I feel when it comes to CSS frameworks in Elm, there is no perfect solution.

What comes next?

The ideal path forward would be that my project is just one small step towards the perfect solution. Personally I feel like the package is feature complete. Maybe at some point I will revisit the project or someone else comes up with a better solution and in that case I would gladly deprecate it.


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