Elm UI framework

Hi Everyone, I’m planning to create a new very simple website (probably two pages, with a title and a list on each page, no menu or sidebar or anything required), and I want to think as little as possible about styling and suchlike, while also wanting it to look respectable!

Here are some things that I might do:

Does anyone have any ideas / recommendations / thoughts? Ideally I just want to output H1s and similar and let a default ‘something’ take care of everything else, although I realise this is optimistic.

Thanks, Cedd

One option would be to start with a classless CSS file you like and tweak it to your needs.

Then use grid for general layout and flexbox for the rest of your layout needs.

Since layout is the most complex part of getting CSS right, I also like the every-layout.dev approach. The Stack with The Cluster can help you create pretty complex UIs with ease.


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