ElmLS 1.3.0 and vscode client update

Here’s another update :tada:

We had contributions from: jmbockhorst and myself this time around

This one mostly includes some rename improvements and nicer hovers and a big backend refactoring, to hopefully help with some of the upcoming features.

Creating a new elm file:

Renaming from the file explorer. There are still some pitfalls, but it should be working fine in most cases.

Renaming the module:

Sometimes it’s nice to know variable names of functions, but using custom types is usually better :slight_smile:

Here’s the changelog:

  • Prefill newly create elm files

  • Renaming files in the file explorer will rename the module definition

  • Cache codelens requests to prevent duplicate server requests

  • Updated the language server

    • Improve definition for conflicting module/type names
    • Various completion sorting tweaks
    • Add parameter names to hovers/autocompletions for functions
    • Improve module renames to also rename the file
    • Add support renaming files in the vscode file explorer
    • Use dependency injection to resolve classes

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