Thanks Elm!! Now I can make a app~~!

First of all, sorry for my poor english skill, and Thank very much for Elm community.
I am a korean university student and I am huge fan of elm langauge.
I’ve used elm for almost 2 years, and I successfully implemented a kanji combining app that I’ve dreamed of.

Here is the image of that.

Thank you very very very much Evan Czaplicki for a great complier.
I saved so much time on debuging because of your wonderful error catching complier.

Thank you very very very much Richard Feldman for great lectures and elm-css library.
I watched almost all of your elm talks on youtube. Your talks were so easy to understand.

Thank you very very very much mpizenberg for elm-pointer-events library.
Thanks to your library I got a deep understanding of touch event.

Thank you very very very much avh4 for elm-format.
You saved my fingers. Auto formatting is so convinient.

Thank you very very very much klazuka for intellij plugin.
Auto generating Json Encode and Decoeder is so great!!


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