Hacktoberfest 2018

Are you a:

  • Developer looking to contribute to some open-source Elm projects?
  • Elm project maintainer looking for new contributors?

You may want to participate in Hacktoberfest! It’s run every year by Digital Ocean, where they give away t-shirts and stickers for anyone who opens 5 pull requests on open-source GitHub projects during October.

If you’re looking to contribute, look for issues from Elm repos tagged with ‘Hacktoberfest’ on GitHub (I have a few set up already for elm-geometry and elm-units). If you’re a project maintainer, add the ‘Hacktoberfest’ label to any issues that you’re looking for help on that would be appropriate to a new contributor.

I had several contributions last year after being encouraged to participate, and just this morning I merged my first Hacktoberfest pull request for 2018. It’s a great way to get new contributions, and regardless of whether new contributors stick around for the long term, I think it’s always useful to have others involved in your project (even if temporarily) to get new perspectives and ideas.


Upgrading a small library to 0.19 could also be a superb pull request to look into specific packages and contribute to the community.

Indeed! Although that would definitely be a place where you’d want to check with the author first to see if they’re working on upgrading already, or if they plan to continue maintaining the project in general. If not, perhaps consider forking and re-publishing under your own account if you find it useful? =)

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