Hacktoberfest 2019!

There is no reason why we could only have fun with drinks in October :beers: :computer:

This year, Github has partnered with DigitalOcean and Dev.to (a medium for devs, they are great) for Hacktoberfest 2019. If you are interested in contributing to open source don’t hesitate to participate! It’s free and you can win a T-shirt! And if you have elm projects that could benefit from a little help, go tag your issues with “Hacktoberfest” and “good first issue”!

You can find Elm issues tagged with “hacktoberfest” or “good first issue” directly on Github. I’m sure last year a lot of folks enjoyed discovering @ianmackenzie packages for Hacktoberfest 2018!

May the code be with you! woops, wrong month XD


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