Happy Birthday, Elm Discourse!

As far as I can tell, today the Elm Discourse is exactly one year old! Took quite a lot of scrolling for me to get to the bottom when I was trying to verify that, and there were a ton of great topics I scrolled past on the way =) Thanks @brian et. al. for setting this up and moderating it over the past year - here’s to ten more!


oh, hooray! Thank you for marking the occasion :heart:

Edit: HAH! It’s definitely the one year anniversary because I made the first user account and today it’s showing this way:

this post, but with a piece of cake next to my name

That’s actually how I noticed, I saw that icon beside Evan’s name in the ‘Why “Just” for Maybe?’ thread and wondered what it meant :grin:

Wow, congratulations. I can’t believe it’s already been 16 years since we started using Elm Discourse.

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