Hot reload for simple projects?

I’m learning Elm and working thru

Because I’m doing a lot of tinkering I’d like hot reload in a dev server. What is the favored solution for hot reload for really simple projects?

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Start with elm-webpack-starter and you’ll have a bunch out of the box.

I’m always using elm-live for small projects.
Webpack is very powerful, but too involved for smaller projects for my taste.

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Does elm-live work with 0.19?

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Thanks, elm-live looks simple enough for now.

I have bookmarked the elm-webpack-starter link above for future use when I start a bigger project.

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I recently tried Parcel, it supports elm out of the box and requires zero config in most cases. Plus, it shows compile errors right in the browser, and is not bloated like webpack.

A really nice thing about Parcel is that it performs adviced minification out of the box when building for production :sunny: it’s really easy to use too!

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