Parcel Bundler and elm-hot-loader

Has anyone experimented with Elm and

Looks like plugins can be written:

I tried it myself by just using elm-make to build JS files, and then use Parcel to preview. It was neat and super fast, but the hot loading didn’t work. After each save a new instance of the Elm app would be added to the page alongside the old Elm app, instead of replacing it.


I have not tried it myself but someone on the ParcelJs slack channel posted a link to an npm location with a plug-in, not much info there, but the link is parcel-plugin-elm. I have not tried it as of yet. Hope this helps. BTW, Love the podcast

Neat! I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the reply! And thanks for the kind words about the podcast!

Looks like the plugin works well, but at this time it doesn’t trigger a reload / recompile when files other than Main.elm change.